When it comes to beef jerky, we are traditionalists!

In the 19th century, when rugged American's began moving west, they carried seasoned, smoked and dried meats (jerky) for sustenance, as a light weight, nonperishable source of energy.

In this tradition, Tuff Stuff Jerky Company is proud to produce natural beef jerky, free from preservatives, using real wood smoke and quality spices. This simplicity makes us unique. The use of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite allow greater industry yields, but result in less beef per ounce, made up mostly with water and sugar. 

Tuff Stuff Jerky is primarily beef and spices, and has the highest protein to weight ratio of any product you will find on the market. The industry has trained you to crave sugary filler, despite the adverse health characteristics. We offer you a more delicious, healthy and natural alternative.